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Our company

We are located in Rossatz, the heart of the Wachau, where our sprawling property encompasses a 10-hectare orchard and 4 hectares of vineyards, extending from Mautern to St. Johann im Mauerthale on the right bank of the Danube River.

Committed to tradition

Now a family business in its 6th generation, our company has been passionate about producing juices, nectars, wines, distillates, jams and fresh fruit of the highest quality, in a traditional setting since 1782.

Our products

Quality guaranteed

We are particularly proud of our fresh fruit, which has been awarded the red-white-red AMA seal of quality. This certification is used to identify produce of outstanding quality, with traceable origins and subject to independent quality controls. For decades now, our farm has proudly conformed to these ‘Good Agricultural Practices’, i.e. stricter regulations. Our stringent recording methods and our careful yet efficient use of the most cutting-edge techniques, help us to protect our crops and guarantee an environmentally friendly approach. We then go one step further and send sample to independent testing centres so that they can monitor for leaf and fruit residue.

The family